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Custom VW's for the Northwest Adventurer

Here at HMC Garage, we love seeing a project come to fruition, whether it’s yours or ours!  If you have dreams of cruising an aircooled Volkswagen on an epic road trip, hitting the mountains in your Syncro, 4 wheeling in your Doka, or laying frame in your Passat, we would LOVE to help you turn that dream into reality!

We have the in-house fabrication skills to modify your vehicle however you’d like, as well as the mechanical expertise to make your ride reliable and ready for adventure.  Let’s get that project out of the garage and on the road!

We typically have several projects going at one time. Currently, we are building our #65shopbeetle which is a complete restoration of our 1965 Standard Beetle.  The #65shopbettle was featured in the Spring edition of Drive Whatcom!  

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